About us


SISTERS OF AFRIKA, a brand created in 2013 by Hélène DIOUF, founder and Jeanne DIOUF her partner, decided to highlight local crafts to make unique outfits and value the know-how of their collaborators.

The name was obvious, in fact, from a family of seven sisters and a brother, Hélène worked in a multinational ready-to-wear in Dakar, and found that there were no clothes, made in Africa ready-to-wear type offering modern cuts.

Consumers then had to bring their own fabric to the designer and wait a week to receive the final product. The main objective was therefore to solve this problem by making a garment made by local artisans in order to highlight their work.

Helène Daba & Jeanne Diouf

Sisters of Afrika is ethical and committed, the brand allows women and men to live comfortably from their jobs, to be able while enjoying their passion, to support their whole family by allowing their children to have access to education and a better life. In addition, by creating this brand, the company strongly wants to allow the economy of African countries to prosper.

To avoid imitation, SISTERS OF AFRIKA has developed its own designs with specific processes, thus making the collections extremely complex and above all unique.

Following the unprecedented success of the collections, the two sisters have developed points of sale, to allow buyers to access their products in Niger, Mali, Gabon, Burkina Faso or even in Ivory Coast. Proof of this success, celebrities such as Beyoncé, has proudly worn their creations.

Finally, the launch of this website has made it easier to send orders internationally. In addition, the brand's ambition is to create an integration agency for young girls by allowing them to have training in fashion and couture so that they can work in the brands already established in the country or open their own structures to become independent.

Don't we say "Educate a girl and you will educate a nation".

Let's meet this challenge together.

Our vision

Valuing the made in Africa is our goal, benefit all the craft sector and beyond is our mission. Thanks to our local and artisanal production, we already allow women and men to be able to live from their passion and to help financially their families.

Our collaborators

The responsible of the garment workshop

"Since working with Sisters Of Afrika, I have been able to expand my workshop and hire other tailors who today are the family supports of their families. I was able to buy a house and build it and help different family members set up their small businesses. To see his work recognized worldwide in the person of Beyoncé who carried one of the creations of the model brand which we spent a lot of time with Héléne to perfect to obtain an impeccable fall and train is just gratifying and pushes me to share my knowledge to make the made in Africa more recognized »

The responsible for the artisanal dyeing

"It has been more than 3 years now that I have been dyeing the fabrics of Sisters Of Afrika, Héléne is like my daughter, moreover, she calls me mom, they are very attentive and very respectful of my work. When they showed me the photo of Beyoncé wearing the Flora dress which I dyed with my own hands, I burst out with joy, I said to myself that a simple dyer in the depths of my suburbs contribute to dress the star international Beyoncé recognizing my work it was an immense honor for us craftsmen. In addition to being able to work regularly with the brand has allowed me to have regular income, to carry out other projects and to be able to provide education for my children."

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